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Utilizing a single screen to kick off multiple workflows

Question asked by EmmanuelPittore81982580 on Oct 12, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2016 by jaipr03

We have business case in which a user requests access to applications. Each application has it's own group of administrators that a work item is assigned to. We need a way  to allow a user to submit up to 10 application requests from a single page. Each set of fields then kicks off an individual workflow per application submitted. There are potentially 4 different workflows (not including app specific groups) that could be invoked, depending if the application is non-sensitive/sensitive and the access level is read vs. write. we currently have a workflow that allows for a single workflow to be invoked per request, but the need to have up to 10 workflows invoked simultaneously is top priority. We have both IDM and IDP. Any insight into a solution? I've reviewed what documentation is available for workpoint designer, but haven't gotten anywhere. Thanks!!