What's New the week of November 10th, 2014 Milestones: plan...

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What's New the week of November 10th, 2014 Milestones: plan and track work against critical delivery dates Milestones ( are events that are important to the business. These new planning items provide easier and more flexible tracking of important events, where tags and releases may have been used in the past. Program, product, development and project managers as well as product owners may use milestones to track critical dates. A milestone could be a market event, a tradeshow, or even an important code deploy. Note: Rally Portfolio Manager must be enabled for your subscription in order to create milestones. You can manage milestones from the new Milestones summary page ( Once created, milestones can be associated to work items from many pages and apps: - Portfolio Items - Portfolio Item Timeline - Portfolio Kanban - Release Planning Board - Detail pages - Iteration Status - Iteration Planning - Kanban Board app To learn more about milestones and best practices, go to