External Deployment Feature Enablement -Advanced Filtering + Saved/Shared Views This...

Discussion created by John_Streeter on Aug 31, 2015
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External Deployment Feature Enablement -Advanced Filtering + Saved/Shared Views This feature is planned to be available to all SaaS customers the morning of August 28, 2015. I'm excited to announce that the new advanced filtering and saved/shared views features are being released to all SaaS users on the Iteration Status page. The new advanced filtering component has the following enhancements. -Search -this searches ID, Name, and Description -Quick drop-down filters (owner, schedule state, artifact type) -All/Any (AND/OR) support -Custom filter conditions -1 AND (2 OR 3) -Share views by URL This is the first time saved views (personal and shared) have been available on a page with current ALM styling and technologies. Saved views include: column/field selections, column order/widths, sorting, and filter settings. The Saved/shared views component provides the following capabilities. -Save personal views -Save and share project-scoped views (must be Project administrator) -Save and share workspace-scoped views (must be a Workspace administrator) -Default views To access these features: On the Iteration Status page you can select the filtering icon to access the new filtering capabilities. Click into the Saved View text box to access or manage saved views. Learn more at