From @Craige Ruffin :    Later today, we are introducing a...

Discussion created by John_Streeter on Jan 22, 2016

From @Craige Ruffin : 


Later today, we are introducing a new Burnup Chart in the #[Release Tracking] page of CA Agile Central.  Users can assess the status of a scheduled Release by viewing this burnup chart for all the Features (i.e., lowest level Portfolio Items) in the scheduled Release.


Any SaaS user will be able to access the chart by selecting the Release Tracking option under the Portfolio menu.  At the top right corner of the page, below a yellow Feedback button, you will see a small blue and white chart icon.  Use this chart icon (and the adjacent icon) to toggle between the new Burnup Chart view and the default Feature Breakdown Grid view.


We have a healthy backlog of ideas for improving this Beta version of the chart, including goals of faster page load time.  Please use the Feedback button at the top right of the page to help us appropriately prioritize these improvements.