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Is there a way to track the developement Estimation and Test estimation separately?

Question asked by b290ec5512e1e709b78f7f0f7bc22081 on Jun 2, 2016

We have outsourced the Dev work to a different company, and we have our own testers. We have issues around the project budgetting, we always end up paying higher than what was estimated by the developer. So far we have been using the Excel for tracking the iteration  which did not give us much metrics and now we are looking to migrate the project to Rally, Mainly to take the advantage of Rally reporting capabilities.


From our internal discussion, we felt that a field to track both the Dev Estimate and Test estimate separately will help. Is that possible?

Also looking for a report  that gives the Dev task actual and test task actual separately? at the Story/Iteration level.


Thanks in advance.