Can I set up a trigger (or equivalent) that changes a Defect's State to Fixed whenever the Scheduled State changes to Completed

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We are seeing a lot of duplicate, seeminlgy bureaucratic work with Defects, particularly wrt State vs Scheduled State. We've created a workflow around Submitted and Open (the first two Defect States). However, once someing is part of someones scrum and they use the Iteration Status page (or a Kanban board), they are essentially changing Scheduled State via drag & drop.

We thus have a multiple step process that doesn't exist for Stories:
  1.           Work on a Defect, and ultimately move it to the Completed column
  2.           Mark the completed Defect as Fixed (redundant for the Developer)
  3.           Someone else then reviews the Defect and Marks it as Verified
  4.           Same person has to then mark the Scheduled State as Accepted
  5.           Someone else has to mark the Defect as Closed
We like the Story work flow and are trying to use the appropriate boards, but you can see above the redundancy.

Any way to set up the following automatic triggers:
  •           Completed --> automatically changes State to Fixed
  •           Accepted --> automatically changes State to Verified
  •           Verified or Closed --> automatically changes Scheduled State to Accepted
We are happy to code this, just don't know where or how. Salesforce has programmable triggers.