Rally <=> OpsHub <=> QA Complete integration.

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We're working with Rally, OpsHub and QA Complete.

  1.           Rally -> OpsHub -> QA Complete is working well.
  2.           QA Complete, once it gets the name of the user story, truncates it. [limtation of QA Complete]
  3.           QA Complete, does an change, and sends the changes back up stream
  4.           OpsHub forwards the new data Object to Rally.

What was noticed, was OpsHub states the "name" is a required field, when sending back.
I am told, that OpsHub is supposedly using the WSAPI artifact api.  And that API field, states that "name" is "required".

Is there a way for Rally/OpsHub/QA Complete, to not have QAC send back the truncated name field?