Rendering reports automatically at a certain time or being able to view reports as of a certain time. Best practice?

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Is there a best practice for writing something that can automatically pull reports from Rally?

We are trying to write a system that will strike at a certain time and go pull a report, such as a Iteration Burndown report, at a certain time of day, mainly between the end of a day and the beginning of the next one, like 1am or so, in order for the reports to avoid intraday noise and inconsistency.  Another requirement would be that the report could be archived so that we would now what it would have looked like in the past, so we want to pull these consistently every night and hold onto the results.

We have not found a way to do this through Rally's API, and we have attempted to write software to click through the site and pull the report, but we cannot get this to work in a headless browser that can run as a service.  We also found a deep link that would render the image, which almost works, but it requires a login which we cannot seem to get to work unless we use the login page, which also does not work in a headless browser. 

I feel like we are taking the wrong approach here.  Can you guys recommend a working solution for us?