How can we track the relationship with spawned/copied defects in Rally?

Discussion created by 074c4762ce04bfba1d354df2fa6eea41 on Mar 26, 2015
We need to spawn defects from those defects in main branch, and merge the fix into hotfix or patch for the older branch.  We need to use these spwaned defects to track the progress of hotfix. We need to know if this defect has been included in Hotfix, or other branch.

In Rally system, when we need to spawn a defect to other branch, we just copy it, set the release, and no relationship between them will be created. Can we track the relationship with those spawned/copied defects in Rally?

Using Defect Suite is not acceptable, since we need to track too many such kinds of cases, and each case would have only several defects.