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Why does my backlog filter not clear?

Question asked by 9c4427c5718f5312657f6be7b8e1ebca on Apr 1, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2015 by cpostma

Once upon a time I used the 'quick' filter to find a story in my backlog
And now everytime I open my Backlog, it comes pre-filled with that value, filtering my backlog when I want to see the whole thing.

The '---Clear Filter---' does clear my results, but doesn't leave the field empty, so it just re-filters the next time I navigate away and back. I tried just deleting the value from the field, it then immediately opens the menu forcing me to choose one or it reverts to the prior value. I have closed and opened IE, restarted my workstation, but can find no way to correct this.

As I am soon looking at a Backlog Refinement, I am not looking forward to this slowing me down.