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Rally Add-in for Excel Installation for non-admin user

Question asked by DavidAditutori1351530 on May 15, 2015
Latest reply on May 15, 2015 by John_Streeter

I thought I would share this for those trying to installation the add-in for non local administrators. Because the msi does not not allow you to choose if the installation should be for the current user or all users you must add the command line argument during installation. Note: If the add-in was already installed in a normal matter it should be uninstalled then reinstalled.
  • Open a cmd session as a local administrator
  • Run this command, updating it to the location of the msi      
    • msiexec  -i C:\path\to\the\RallyAddinForExcel_2.3.3.msi ALLUSERS=1
  • Open Excel and the Rally ribbon should be available
Rally team, you may want to add this to the Excel Add-in page (