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Adding a new task incorrectly moves the entire story back to the "defined" column

Question asked by 6952b57817b01e4bb916a54e1d253fee on Jun 11, 2015
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I have noticed that when my team adds a new task to an "In Progress" story that it then incorrectly moves the entire story back to the "Defined" column. This would normally only be a small problem, except that we are a kanban team, so this extra movement between columns on our board is negatively impacting our cycle time report calculations.

Upon searching this forum I did come across this information clarifying the cycle time calculation issue that I suspected might be caused by this. I've posted the info from that below for reference. Any idea when this issue might be resolved? Or was this an intentional feature change?
Conny (Rally Software Development) 
Hi David,
please see also for this:
It states "For example, a defect is marked In-Progress, then handed off by a team and placed back in Defined. The new team later sets it back to In-Progress. Where does the clock start? The clock restarts once it crosses the boundary the second time. It is measured from the last time that it crosses the first boundary to the last time it crosses the second boundary."
So taken this explanation to your example the Cycle Time would be 1 day.
September 26, 2014