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Removing a portfolio object type

Question asked by CoreyHutchinson1351298 on Mar 8, 2016
Right now our Portfolio types are Initiative -> feature -> Epic.  We want to delete the Epic type and make all those epics be parent user stories connected to its original Feature.  We're strugling with how to do this. Scale wise we are talking about 2k epics. Since a straight up delete would be very challenging we were thinking of a renaming the portfolio types to Theme -> Initiative -> feature. Then converting the renamed theme to initiatives and initiative to feature wouldn't be too bad (in the 100s).  When we get to the old epics converting 1 by 1 by hand would be wicked never mind that we'd also have to remove the children and reapply.  Anyone ever have this use case before? If so, what did you do to solve this?
Export/import to new a worksapce is an option but the historical data loss is undesirable.