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vb macro add attachment

Question asked by 5c794d08ebe60559a546e09745b48912 on May 5, 2016
Latest reply on May 9, 2016 by EricNash
Hi Team , I have written a vb macro to update Testcase with values given in excel rows. I am able to update Test Case with these values i.e. build , verdict are getting populated.
To attach file I have doen below operations :-
1.Click on browse button on Rally screen and a popup window appears.
2. Type filepath in this popup window . (done through window api's)
3. click on open button on ths popup window(done through mouse_event , i can see left mouse button is clicked on Open)

When i look back in Rally tool file is not uploaded , though a new div class "<div class="line hidden" id="attachment-separator">" is created under div id="content" in form .

But when I am trying to attach file manually then below code is added to form
<div id="attachment_55432281735" class="attachment-container"><div class="row"><div class="left"><a href="/slm/attachment/55432281735/attachFile.txt" target="_new"><img src="/slm/images/attachment_icon.gif" border="0"><span style="vertical-align:top;">attachFile.txt</span></a></div><a href="#" onclick="RALLY.ui.Attachment.deleteAttachment(55432281735);"><img src="/slm/images/icon_delete.gif" border="0"></a></div><div class="description">Description:<input type="text" class="attachment-enclosure" name="attachment.55432281735.enclosure" size="100" value="" maxlength="256"></div></div>