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Custom Kanban board throws an error for Group By column

Question asked by e598d9e4694b97bff2f1638ac8c2ec4a on May 2, 2014
Latest reply on May 7, 2014 by John_Streeter
How do I get a custom Kanban board to work correctly with previously created user stories when the new Group By column was not used originally with those stories?

I've created a new Kanban board using a Custom Field called Kanban Board DX (Drop Down List) that has the values:
  •           New
  •           Ready, Not Committed
  •           Ready, Committed
  •           In-Progress
  •           Done
When I create a new board using this field, I get the following error for existing user stories:
"The currently selected Group By field (Kanban Board DX) cannot be found on all card types.  Some card types may not appear."

The effect is that none of the existing user stories show up in this new Kanban board.