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cdm probe - Ideas for handling Peak hour alerts

Discussion created by Phani Devulapalli Champion on Nov 9, 2016
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Dear All,


I would like to know what is the best practice in Nimsoft to handle the expected peak time alerts generated by cdm probe for either CPU or Memory resource utilisation . For example we have certain schedule activities like an antivirus scan or a backup activity which runs on the servers at a certain time as its expected to see a peak in resources and threshold may hit even 90% . Is there a way we can avoid these kind of alerts during certain times by analysing the behaviour.... kind of Dynamic Alarming? 


We have a way of generating Dynamic Alarms by analysing the baseline in snmpcolelctor . Can we do something similar for cdm? I know we dont have Dynamic Alarm for cdm but what would be the best way to handle the expected spikes