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SDM_DS, Connection Errors (OpenAccess JDBC)

Question asked by DerekNielson on Dec 13, 2016
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We are experiencing some issues with setting up the Jasper Reporting JDBC connection.


We have a test server (conventional) setup currently running. CA SDM 14.1 is installed on the system and functioning as anticipated on IIS and Tomcat (8080 & 8443).


We installed Tomcat8 for Jasper Reporting that is running on (9090). Apache is installed fine. Jasper Reporting server installed completely without any issue. 


We are having issue with establishing the JDBC connection as per the documentation referenced here:

Configure CABI JasperReports® Server r6.2.0 for CA Service Management - CA Service Management - 14.1 - CA Technologies D… 

STEP # 3


When attempting to select a JDBC driver it shows com.ddtek.jdbc AND as being NOT AVAILABLE.


Now if I attempt to follow the instructions as outlined on the documentation above. I receive the following error ...



Full error log has been attached below. It appears that I need to install/obtain the OpenAccess SDK drivers to install them. Is there a link and/or a way to obtain these or point to where they are within the CA SDM installation, I'm assuming.


Any assistance is appreciated!


Many thanks.