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A2A Integration Java Basic .retrieveCredentials() method error

Question asked by swaroops on Mar 15, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by swaroops

1.) A2A Integration Java Basic .retrieveCredentials() method error;


What is the reason of not able to retrieve the .retrieveCredentials() method values, but, I am able to retrieve the "StatusCode". Even though I am providing all the required values, Why I am getting the "ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException"? 


2.) A2A Client connection status is still Unknown (Yellow Bubble), how can I change to Online(Green Bubble) status.


3.) cspmclientd service is not starting immediately, I have to start multiple times then only cspmclientd service is starting. Sometimes not able to start the service for that I am restarting the system.



Kindly help me for the above issues.