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Nimrecoder does not record action from mozilla browser

Question asked by Amway_CMS23 on Mar 22, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2017 by Amway_CMS23

I am using nimrecorder 5 with appmon 1.97. I am trying to perform below action. In this case i am unable to perform clickonhtml. It fails with html element not found. I have tried #htmlpostry too.


I have even tried the clickonbitmap, but it fails with image synchronization.  


Instead of clicking on button i have even tried to send enter, but it fails with n window specified.  


I tried to do manual login and then started recording, I have observed that particular action is also not recorded in script. 

I have attached screen shot of login page, highlighted button is  on which clickhtmlelement is performing. 


Below is my script. 


StartBrowser("FF", "http://cobalt/Cobalt/login.html", 3)


Pause 3 sec


UsePage("COBALT | Login")

WriteHTML("INPUT TEXT[ID='username']", "xyz")

pause 2 sec

WriteHTML("INPUT PASSWORD[ID='password']", "xyz")

pause 2 sec


pause 2 sec




Please help.