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Multi-tenancy implementation and monitoring

Question asked by soundar_ca on Mar 30, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by soundar_ca

Multi-tenancy environment:

3 windows machine with primary, tie-breaker and shadow scheduler configuration

Each windows machine will be installed with CA AE Server, Agent, WCC, Event Server


Q1. For multi-tenancy support, creating separate instance for each tenant, How to achieve this? Do we need to install three instances on the same machine and repeat in another 2 machines?

Q2. For Dual event server, Do we install Event Database in all the 3 machines or only primary and shadow?


Workload Control Center:

How to configure the multiple instances in the Workload control Center for the same server?

Can we get a separate URL for each instance?


EEM configuration: 

How to configure the EEM for each instance and link the corresponding users to AD?


How to monitor the CPU usage, Memory usage, Resource utilization per instance?