Some thoughts about current admin console usage and behavior.

Discussion created by ttahkapaa on Apr 5, 2017

Due to reality that we are kind of forced to use UIM admin console still for quite long time, I would like to express some of my thoughts and ideas about admin console’s current way of work. I would love to hear what other users are thinking about these issues.


The missing speed

Most of UIM users are used to work with IM clients and there opening a probe configuration GUI with all the configs loaded takes only few (1 to 3) seconds. Same kind of response times are when using MCS. But try that with admin console, cdm configure window opening might take 60 seconds. And you wait that 60 secs every time when you Save the config and wait it to reload the config to screen again


I have learned the hard way what happens under the hood when you click something in admin console, but that is not something that we customers / users care. We customers are taught to the mantra “user will change their web site if the page is too slow”. (at least CA UIM/APM sales are telling that to us all the time)


Is there anything that could be done to make admin console configuration screen faster? I have not found any tuning options for this.


Okay, we admins just need to know what happens under the hood when using admin console, so please document that well also.


Screen estate

Take any screen for any probe in IM, you have a lot of information in one small window, you can configure many checkpoints and thresholds in that one screen, change then tab in GUI with immediate response time. Just, click, click, click and you’re done.

 cdm configuration in IM


The same thing is with MCS. One screen lots of things you can do there in one small window.


cdm configuration in MCS


OK, then swap your configuration screen to admin console. Start with 60 secs wait before the initial configuration screen opens. Click to your chosen option in tree at left, wait three to five seconds, scroll down on right screen to find out what settings are and to do any changes, then change again your context in tree, wait, scroll, click, wait, click, wait, scroll... I think you get my point here.


cdm configuration in AC


After doing that for some days, you are quite ready to think that this is not the correct way to work. Lots of white space in every screen, lots of clickings and scrollings to do even simplest things.


Also here I could talk about some user experience and it’s importance. At least from my experience I would be much much happier if something similar for the admin console probe configuration screens could be done as is in IM or in MCS. Compact those screens, less clicking and scrolling, please!


Know your limits

There are some known limits what you can do in admin console, like have max 10(?) profiles in oracle probe, if you add more, you will ruin your configuration and must start again from the scratch. No warning, no nothing, just after saving your config, settings are gone.


That is certainly something that just cannot happen in a product like this, make it bullet proof that user cannot ruin anything just using the product as it should be used!  It is not enough that in documentation there is a short notice for this, and yes, there not yet this kind of mention in documentation.


Admin console’s search capabilities.

The current way for filtering information in the context where you are in admin console main screen is not enough. Let’s take a small challenge: MSP environment, 50+ hubs, 1700 robots, 30 vmware probes somewhere there, try to find those vmware probes from that mass. What you must do in admin console currently is that you choose first one hub, list its robots, and the open every robot to see if there is vmware probe running then do that 1700 times, or possibly less if you happen to find those earlier.


In IM you could just click the binoculars (Find) and then search probes named “vmware”, takes 15 seconds to find all those 30 probes and see their versions open their configurations etc.


Please, oh please, try to implement proper search capabilities into admin console, similar that we use in IM today!


Make admin console great again

Now there lots of “hidden” dependencies for probes and admin console components like ppm, okay they are mentioned in probe documentation release notes, but hey, who reads those? The system should tell us that hey admin, now you are trying to use features that your sw configuration is not supporting. The ppm is in so important role in this admin console architecture that we should get alarms if there are too old ppm versions running for the probes we are running. Now, we can install new oracle probe and happily(?) use it without knowing that if we’d have new ppm we could get more options into its configurations.


Again, I know that it is not that easy to do, but now the complexity comes into every UIM admins work-life. Please do some software magic also here, some kind of monitoring possibly, so that UIM would monitor itself and inform the poor user that now there is something wrong in just basic parts of your UIM architecture.


Well, this last option could also be part of bigger goal (called Utopia), not monitoring just admin console dependencies, but for the whole UIM...