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Fields disappears after Refresh Structure

Question asked by andrade on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2017 by Maheshwar_Kusuma



I am trying to insert a custom field into the CABI 4.1 SP3 Universe, when I select the table to update and click at 'Refresh Structure' (Step 2-4 of this TecDoc ) all fields of the table just disappears (is not a view problem


If I do the same thing with others tables i can go further without problems.


Already checked:

1 - SREL configuration is OK and working

2 - Same SREL configuration was made at ci_hardware_server and i did not got this behavior

2 - Insert the object without update the table (just creating an Attribute alias using this TecDoc ). I am able to Export the universe but then I use the object they don't respect the BREL relationship and multiplies the result (bring all information from zTable to each of CI).

3 - Nothing changed after pdm_cache_refresh -t command or service recycling

4 - No error has been found at stdlog


Anyone knows why this are happening?


Thank you.


Ricardo Andrade.