User Life-Cycle - Data needed to support JML Processes

Discussion created by RichardWhiteheadCA Employee on Apr 28, 2017

Identity Management is about 3 things:

  • Identity life-cycle
  • Provisioning accounts
  • Access requests and approval

This discussion is to provide a framework for the Identity Life-Cycle, and the data needed in IM to support this. The life-cycle is implemented in IM as processes to support JML (Joiner, Mover Leaver).


Typical processes include:

  • Joiner
  • Mover (change user type, job, manager)
  • Change name
  • Leaver
  • Suspend (inactive, long-term-leave)
  • Resume (from leaver or inactive)

NOTE: these processes are often not just single events, but can span several IM Tasks – from a request, to several actions over time.


The aim of this document is to suggest a set of attributes that may be used to support these processes. A new project could include these attributes (as a starting point) knowing that it can support usual JML processes.

NOTE: more attribute may be needed, because of specific requirements at any organisation.