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Welcome to "What I'm Working On (WIWO)" for the Week of 6/19/17

Discussion created by Lenn Thompson Employee on Jun 19, 2017
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Good morning and happy Monday, CA Workload Automation Community! I want to introduce you to a new program I want to try here in the community that I hope will prove valuable fo each and every one of you.


I'm calling it "What I'm Working On" -- or WIWO for short (I think we'll pronounce it "why-woah"). The idea is that by sharing a bit of what we're working on in any given week, we can find ways to help one another, discover shared needs and/or expertise and share experiences. 


Obviously, we can't share anything that is proprietary or sensitive -- but let's see how we can help one another!


I'm not a Workload Automation practitioner, but I can still share some of the stuff I'm working on for this community:

  • I'm working with the Workload automation team to reboot our community webcast series. Look out for more details this summer. If you have anything that you'd really like us to cover, please let me know! 
  • Our CA Workload Automation Community office hours series continues with two sessions a month (with rotating engine focus). See the schedule here: CA Workload Automation Community 2017 Office Hours Schedule 


That's it for me. What are YOU working on this week? Even if you don't need help -- maybe someone else is doing something similar and could use YOUR help. 


What are you working on?