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Proxy Forwarding in web.config

Question asked by Geethu_John on Aug 23, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by Geethu_John


I am monitoring a .NET app server using 10.5.2 agent

I have a requirement to monitor a small portion of an .NET application where web.confg just has forwarding the URL to another backend server.


I have an app pool and in that there are some virtual directories.


Eg: \SubApp1, \SubApp2 etc.


When the request comes from webserver to \SubApp1 in app server, it forwards the call to another backend server and gets the reply and send it back. Web.config of SubApp1 has just this URL forwarding section.


When my agent is up, i can see agent like SubApp1 and SubApp2 etc but there is no application data related nodes under that. The SubApp which servers as main app shows OOB metrics.


Can we monitor such proxy calls?