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Problem with OTK 3.5.00 install

Question asked by Fathom on Aug 23, 2017

I completed installation of OTK 3.5.00 on our API gateway 9.1.00.  I successfully ran the OAuth 2.0 Test client.  However, when I tried to run “Verify the OAuth Infrastructure”, I got an error.  From …/oauth/v2/client/bcp, when I click “Send”, I get this error:

OAuth 2.0 Authorization Server

error: invalid_redirect_uri
error_description: Mismatching redirect_uri. Given: ''

My best guess is that I have misconfigured something related to DNS names.  The server is  The certificate is, which is the name from the front-end load balancer.  I am not sure which configuration changes to make.


For reference, i attached a screen print of …/oauth/v2/client/bcp.  Thanks in advance for your help.