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CA API Gateway 9.2 - Iptables not updated when modifying interfaces for listen ports

Question asked by FrederickMiszewski on Aug 31, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2017 by Mark_HE




I have installed a gateway with 2 network interfaces in order to organize activites like this :

  • eth0 for administration services
  • eth1 for exposition


I tried to apply these rules going through the "Manage Listen ports" section in the Policy Manager, affiliating the right interfaces with the listening ports :

  • eth1 for port 8443
  • eth0 for port 9443 and 8080


My issue here is that I can't access to any published service through eth1 (ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED), due to firewall rules in the iptables. (I can acces to those services via eth0 though)


Aren't iptables rules supposed to be modified when changing the configuration in the "Manage listen ports" section?


Thank you for your help