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CA BI 6.3.0 install - database user already exists

Question asked by diogo.nobrega on Sep 6, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2017 by SteveTroy

Hi everyone,


I'm performing a CA BI 6.3.0 (JasperSoft) fresh install, using GUI mode. I've chosen the "Custom instalation" option, because I wanted to use a MSSQL server we have. When I reach the "Repository User Details" step, where I need to provide a username for creating in DB, it says that "Database user already exists" (in fact, I've tested any random name and I keep getting this error).



In documentation (link below), it says "The Repository User Details screen appears. Enter a username and password to create a new user, then click Next.".

GUI Installation - CA Business Intelligence JasperReports® Server - 6.3.0 - CA Technologies Documentation 


Someone already experienced this error?