Product Announcement - New Test Case Import

Discussion created by grama23 Employee on Sep 6, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2017 by JoeCaravella

Many of you have asked to be able to import test cases and test case steps all at once, and now you can! We made some improvements to the test case import that should help making bulk test case creation simple and fast. 


If you are using an existing test case import file, the only change you need to make is adding an Object Type column with "Test Case" as the value for every row.


New "Object Type" column allows you to specify what you're importing

By specifying "Test Case" or "Test Case Step" in the Object Type column, you can import multiple work item types at the same time.



Line references let you import test cases and their associated steps all at once

Associate the test case steps to a test case in the same file using line references. For test cases that already exist, you can also use the formatted ID or the WSAPI reference.



Validate before you import

New validation button will allow you to check your work before you import. For any customers that want to copy the same test case and test case steps, this lets you check one to use as a template for the other importing.



Some things to note:

  • When editing the template in Excel, be sure to specifically save it as a CSV file. Excel can change the format of your file and mess up columns if you're not careful. The error message you will receive is "Line 0: You must include an Object Type column". 
  • The template now only includes the required fields to make it easier for users to get started. You can find more information about other fields and about the import in the import documentation.


Please give it a try and let us know what you think! More information can be found on the help page.