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do we need to install LAC in every environment (dev/production/UAT)?

Question asked by kkaus on Sep 28, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by kkaus

What do we follow in conventional programming is written below - 


1. Developed/Implemented a feature on our local machine.

2. Move the related code changes to the development server.

3. finally after approval we moved the code changes to the production server.


But what will happen in case of LAC? do we need to keep this in every environment for e.g. If a developer is using some APIs in his machine then should he needs to install the LAC in his machine too?  OR  in other words, do we have different LACs for development & production and we need to Export the new APIs/Changes from the development server to the production one which is consumed by our live web application?


This may be the case I am missing a very basic concept of LAC implementation i.e. can we have this case that we will have only one LAC instance used to create the APIs and then we will publish them to the API Gateway to make them consumable by live web application?


Thanks for the help in advance!