Prerequisites for Policy Server Installation - Version 12.52 SP1

Discussion created by GopiReddyIrala on Oct 13, 2017
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Hi All,


I am in the process of installing ca siteminder policy server version 12.52 SP1 in one of our development environments, I understand we have new policy server versions available but I need to install 12.52 SP1 for few reasons. The OS version I am going to install policy server is Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.9


I have below queries with regard to the prerequisites for installing the policy server


1. I remember we used to install many unix / linux libraries before installing the policy server but now I just see only one library in CA documentation


          Install Required KornShell Package (ksh-20100621-16.el6.x86_64.rpm)


Can you please suggest if the above package is sufficient to install 12.52 SP1 policy server ?


2. Increase Entropy : One of the options I see in CA documentation to increase entropy is below


   Configure a symbolic link between /dev/urandom and /dev/random. Execute the following commands:

      mv /dev/random /dev/
      ln -s /dev/urandom /dev/random


   Can you please suggest if I can go with this option to increase entropy.


Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you.