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One Directional User Sync from ServiceNow to CA Agile Central

Question asked by areeder24 on Oct 24, 2017
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We would like to transfer user characteristics and permissions from ServiceNow to CA Agile Central without users having the ability to manage their account in CA Agile Central. This way we can manage user access through our workflows and approval processes in ServiceNow while automatically updating the users who have been modified.


As of now, our users are populated via LDAP when they request access through ServiceNow. Therefore, the user account is created in Rally but does not have permissions identified to view/edit/manage different projects, home groups, etc. Our Application Support Team has to manually make the correct changes in Rally (based on the fields provided in the ServiceNow request) before closing the ServiceNow ticket to notify the user of access to CA Agile Central. Automating this process would create massive opportunities to expand bandwidth and improve efficiency within our team.


Any help is much appreciated!