How to mark the test case as failed based on web service response and execute next test case

Discussion created by selvakumar.murugesan on Nov 1, 2017
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Hi All,


I am testing a web service (SOAP) using application test . I have a set of input xml that i need to test against a web service endpoint . I use a File counter ( Numeric counting data set) , Read a file  and hit the web service. based on the web service response , I need to mark the test step/case as pass/fail . 


I tired using a XML Xpath Assertion to capture the web service result , and then mark the test case as FAIL and then proceed to Next test case in the Counter. However, I am not able to achieve this . Either it marks all of them as PASS (even though the webservice returns false ), or it ends the test and does not go to next input. Please advise. Thanks