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How to decrypt the password when SOAP request hits Clarity from external system using Webservice call (XOG)

Question asked by Sajeela on Nov 10, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2017 by Sajeela

Hi Team,


We have a requirement to integrate eProcurement Cloud system with Clarity application. Requirement is, eProcure places a webservice call to Clarity upon one triggering condition in eProcure system to fetch some information from Clarity. Second call is also placed by eProcure system to Clarity to write custom object data upon a triggering condition in eProcure system. So, we are going to provide them with 2 XMLs, which uses Query XML for 1st webservice call and Custom Object read XML for the 2nd call.

In both the cases, as Clarity requires authentication, we have no option but sending the clear text password to be entered in the XMLs. As we use HTTPS for SOAP requests, the details are encrypted, but as per our company policy, we should not share the clear text password with the external party.

So, can you please let me know what options I have.

1. If I give them the encrypted password, can we decrypt the password when the SOAP request hits Clarity?


2. If they don't pass the password, can Clarity recognize the username and authenticate automatically when the request hits Clarity?


3. Is there a way, we can use LDAP user, so that once the authentication is done at eProcure end, we can use the same authentication for Clarity when the request hits Clarity?


Please let me know any other possible option to make this work with encrypted password without using a middle ware system.


Thank You.

Kind Regards,