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Cluster Probe: Communication Error

Question asked by Jean Gomes on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by Larry_Atlas

Hello CA Guys,


We are facing some issues with cluster probe.


When we use the cluster probe version 3.42 for monitoring a cluster of Windows Shared Volumes, always we got some communication error in some server of the cluster. Always, in some moment... could be during the configuration, could be after...but, always got communication error and because of it the cdm probe lose all configuration (I do not know why?!)



On December of 2017, CA release version 3.43 with the following note: 


WOW! We thought, we got all issues solved now! 


The version 3.43 does not have communication issue, it is true. But, we got a new issue. 

The version 3.43 does not see Shared Volumes (LUNs)


Let me explain, if you are using 3.42 and deploy a update only of version 3.43, the new probe will work for some minutes, but the LUNs will vanish from configurations. 


figure with version 3.42


figure with version 3.43


If you install cluster probe 3.43 from the start, from zero. The probe does not allow to use Shared Volume, only Microsoft Cluster - then you do not have LUNs on GUI.



In summary, I cannot use version 3.42 because we got error of communication and we cannot use version 3.43 because we does not see the LUNs on GUI. Please, help me! I am really tired to try a lot of scenarios and probe versions.


CA UIM 8.20

HUB Version: 7.70

Controller Version: 7.93

Cluster Version: 3.42, 4.43

CDM Version: 5.61, 5.80, 6.10, 6.20 


I did the followed KB, but got the same scenario