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Cannot set property '_renderItem' of undefined (and others)

Question asked by matej256 on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by matej256

Hi All, 


As I have not found those errors on the community site, please bring some light on it. We have just upgraded Clarity to ver. 15.3. I made a connection with DBLINK to DWH database and set default Entity for DWH at System Options. Then I got error "System error, contact system admin". When checked logs with newest last updated date, I found nsa-ca.log and app2-ca.log (attached). Errors are: 


nsa log:

niku.union (clarity:sa:none:nsa.login) Unsupported language passed to default security identifier: sk_SK


app log:

ERROR 2018-02-27 06:42:33,335 [http-nio-29082-exec-5] clarity.ui (clarity:admin:92824838__6046E90C-64C1-4375-B09D-136FC6B68A6F:security.loginOptions) UI_MSG[:Tue Feb 27 2018 07:42:33 GMT 0100 (Central Europe Standard Time):(TypeError): Cannot set property '_renderItem' of undefined--Client Side Exception (TypeError): Cannot set property '_renderItem' of undefined


Thanks a lot,