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custom pbd or pbl in a separate folder.

Question asked by Jaykrishna on Mar 20, 2018
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Hi Team,

We are planning to give the developers the option to create their own pbd and pbl but we do not want to give them the write permission to the config folder. In order to do that we are thinking of creating a separate folder named as custom inside the config folder where they will have write permission. Inside the custom folder we will create file named as custom.pbl. So that the developer will create the pbd file inside this folder and add the name in the custom.pbl file.


In IntroscopeAgent.profile we will comment the line


and in the startup script we will pass the directiveFile as jvm argument like below

-Dintroscope.autoprobe.directivesFile= weblogic-typical.pbl, custom.pbl


So that in due course whatever pbd file the developers will create, we do not have to touch either the IntroscopeAgent.profile  or the startup script.


Can someone please validate this approach.

I will be grateful if someone can confirm whether they have already implemented this approach in their project.




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