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Is there a limit for Pre-Processing rules created using NAS Auto operator

Question asked by prasanna-c on Mar 29, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2018 by Thomas GENTILHOMME

I have created AO rules in NAS to suppress alarms when the end devices go in Maintenance mode. To be precise, I have created 36 similar pre-processing rules to exclude any alarm from being generated. Each pre-processing rule is supposed to stop 100s of Servers from creating alarms. The problem I face is 'few' of these rules (random, not the same) do not work and when this happens, alarms get generated which in turn creates tickets in Service Desk tool. This  gets very frustrating as these unwanted alarms creates 100s of unwanted tickets.


I can assure you there is no issue in the AO rules I have created and as mentioned above, the issue happens randomly on any created rule. Is there a limit for Pre-processing rule or something? The issue is very critical for us, any input is greatly appreciated.


For your information, my nas release is 8.42.