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Nullifying value on a Attribute having Parameterised MultiValued Lookup associated.

Question asked by Sai95 on Apr 5, 2018

Hello All,


I am actually trying to xog and nullify an attribute on Project Object.

But, the attribute has a Parameterised multi valued lookup associated with it.


<ColumnValue name="attribute_id">


So, i need to "null" it out. But i need to do this with out including a dummy value in Parameterised MultiValued Lookup.(As shown above, 0 is xogged in the value tag and blank is shown as output in the lookup used for the attribute if the case is when an attribute has multi valued lookup. But, as i have to blank out a Parameterised Multi valued lookup attribute, the above syntax does not work out.).The worry here is that i need to modify all the queries where this lookup associated to restrict that dummy value coming up in query. It works if there is any alternate way to blank the multivalued attribute other than update command, it would work.


Please suggest.



Thanks and Regards,