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Has anyone created a kanban-style app that exposes Flow State?

Question asked by terry.ginzburg on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2018 by terry.ginzburg

A number of our teams like using the Team Board with a customized flow, but want the added ability to use swim lanes. 


The Custom Board app lets you pick Flow State for the column configuration, but it doesn't include WIP limits or exit agreements, and only shows one type of object, so you have to choose User Story or Defect. 


The Kanban Board app includes WIP and exit agreements, and shows both stories and defects, but doesn't allow you to choose Flow States for the columns.  Has anyone modified the Kanban Board so that you can use Flow States for the columns rather than a Custom State?  The benefit of Team Board is that we don't need to create custom states for teams.  We'd really like to leverage that with the Kanban Board app.