WP will not start due to U0034007 There is no valid license for OCI available.

Discussion created by Mitch_Denis_38 on Feb 8, 2013
This information can also be found on our KBE site here. Symptoms WP will start in Service Manager Dialog and quickly (but not immediately) disconnects. Investigation File needed for analysis: Logfile for the WP after the error has occurred. In viewing the WP logfile there will be a version of the following line: U0034007 There is no valid license for OCI available. Cause The license file has not been properly loaded into the system or license did not have a license for the database. Resolution Please find your license file or contact to request a new license file. Once located, load the license file into the database with the steps outlined in the documentation under Administration Guide -> Installation -> New Installation -> Loading Database or use the following steps: Start the program UC4.DB Load in order to load licenses. Select the file Customer number.TXT that is provided by UC4 Support. The utility enters the licenses in the UC4 database.