Automic User Interface for Mac

Discussion created by Michael_Lowry on Oct 9, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2017 by willy_alvarez_automic
At a previous client, I adapted the UC4 Dialog Client for use on Mac OS X. Although I use UNIX and Windows machines at the office, I’m primarily a Mac user at home, and my personal laptop is a MacBook Air. Given the prominence of Macs and iPads on Automic’s page, it seems the company is also a fan of Apple products. I thought a Mac version of the Automic User Interface might be useful to others, so I am providing here a copy of the application bundle that I created. Before the application bundle can be launched, you must first insert the  the JAR, XML, and help files into two locations inside the application bundle. You can obtain these files from any version of the User Interface. I also included a short ReadMe.txt file to explain where the files should be placed. Note that the XML settings files might contain old connection details specific to my client’s environment. If you decide to distribute this application bundle to others, you should probably go through and remove configuration information that is not required at first launch. Also, I believe that I hard-coded a path to the Firefox app into one of the config files. This affects only opening the help files. There is probably a better way to do this, for example, by running the default web browser specified by the OS. This might require a change to the code though; I’m not sure. Another thing: the icon is also a bit out of date. Perhaps someone from Automic would so kind as to provide a high-resolution (at least 512 x 512 pixel with alpha channel) version of the new Automic User Interface icon.