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UNIX Service Manager & BladeLogic

Question asked by Laura_Albrechto_270 on Dec 4, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2014 by Steven_Nguyen_130


Does anyone out there use BladeLogic?  And then also have UNIX agents that are being started by the UNIX service manager?

We are working to convert all our UNIX agents so that they are using the service manager.  Currently we just issue a start script and start the agent directly.  This works fine, but new functionality and our intent to use Release Manager for agent upgrades requires that we start using the service manager.  No problem, however, with BladeLogic there is a "shell" called nsh that we normally have to use for all our UNIX commands / scripts.

When we try to start the service manager via nsh it won't start up and just gives us a core dump.

If we start the service manager via regular unix (not nsh) it works fine.

You are probably thinking - well then just start it via regular unix.  :-)  But we really start everything else up via nsh and so we don't want to have this one thing be different.

The answer from Support was that they don't support BladeLogic.  So was just wondering if anyone else out there ran into this and was able to figure out what the issue was.