ILM - Tips and tricks for designing a report system?

Discussion created by Manfred_Moeller_500 on Dec 9, 2013
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We plan to change the regular DB reorganization with using the UC4 utilities to partitioning with ILM . We are obliged to file reports and statistics for 10 years. Because research in archival files occur very frequently and are especially time-consuming and uncomfortable , we want to build a dedicated UC4 information system as described in the Administrator manual.

According to the UC4 documentation ILM partitions can be transferred to a private UC4 system that is used solely for audit purposes.

In our understanding, a "small dimensioned" UC4 system is needed with a large database . Be made regularly client copy runs for all object types , but without reports and statistics should form the basis.

The existing UC4 documentation describes the introduction of ILM not very detailed or in other words: if you want to install and use ILM based on the UC4 documentation, must be pretty brave and optimistic.

Has anyone designed something similar himself / installed, what is your experience, you can do something like that "in principle" itself, or is more a classic task for the UC4 Consulting?

A few figures to our system:
UC4 - Automation Engine V9.00A SP 7
AIX 6.1, ORACLE 11.2
> 30.000 UC4 objects
approx. > 4 Millions activities/month

THX and best regards
Manfred Moeller