Fun with AE: Prompt Sets Part 1

Discussion created by dwight_dick_automic on Dec 31, 2013

So what’s that “Modify task parameters” and how can I use it?


If the stars are aligned in the correct order you can change a prompt value before the task runs. Oh yes maybe I got a little carried away with having the stars align but if you don’t get it just right you get some fun results and don’t know why.

Note: Tests run with V10 SP1


Here is how to get “Modify task parameters” to work:

·         The job must be set to “Generate at runtime”


·         The task in the workflow must have “Parameter evaluation at workflow generation” set


The final result is changeable values:


Now the fun part what you get depending on what is not set:

No“Generate at runtime”  and  “Parameter evaluation at workflow generation” is set or not set: 

  • This one works as expected you get grayed out not changeable values all is good.

  • Set “Generate at runtime”  and unset  “Parameter evaluation at workflow generation”:

  • This one throws an error when you select “Modify task parameters”

  • Opening task properties allows you to change the displayed values but you cannot save them. If you do change a value and “Cancel” you get a warning about saving the changed value


  • If the task values are left to the prompt set defaults and you open the task properties you get no values displayed. This is different than when no “Generate at runtime” and no “Parameter evaluation at workflow generation” is set which does display the default values.

The conclusion of this “Fun with AE” is that if you want to be able to change task prompt values you better check every task in a running workflow to be sure you can change the values and did not miss a check box!  Or use AM because this functionality just works with no setup.

In Part 2 VARA values and prompt sets.