Fun with AE: Prompt Sets Part 2

Discussion created by dwight_dick_automic on Jan 1, 2014

VARA objects with Prompt sets limitations.

Note examples run with V10 SP1

The VARA value needs to be entered in a hidden location if you want to use the Variable picker. Click on the Prompt field label to open up the location to enter the VARA object. After the special location is opened and you click to put the curser in it then the option to use the picker is available at the bottom right.

You can also just enter the value and even add other text in the normal value location

Below is the running workflow and the task before it runs. The job and task are setup to be able to modify the task prompts. This unfortunately removes the option to have the VARA resolve at runtime. You see that in the example below.

Now the part to watch out for. Remember that you could enter the prompt value in the normal value location or open up the special location to use the Prompt picker.  When you Apply or click OK the one opened is the one that gets saved and the other is removed. I am not sure why there is even a difference because both fields work the same except for the Variable picker. I would think that switching between the locations you would see the same values.

Enhancements needed:

  • Allow task prompts to be changed when “Generate at runtime” is not set. The follow on to this would be like AM which allow VARA values to be independently defined to be task runtime or workflow runtime resolved at the task prompt level. This would remove the need for a “Generate at runtime” on the JOB object.
  • Rich client UI changed so that the value field and the special value field display the same.