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support for Itanium processor ended in AE version 10

Question asked by HermanVanbrussel610323 on Jan 10, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2014 by HermanVanbrussel610323

Hello there, this is my first post in this community! :D

I have a question. We are using an old version of the Automation Engine version 9 and we would like to update or upgrade to v10. However in the release notes the following is mentioned:The components AutomationEngine, ServiceManager, agents and utilities for Windows and UNIX are no longer supported on Itanium processors.

I can live with the fact that PA-RISC processors are not supported anymore. We are replacing them with newer servers. But no more support in v10 for our Itanium servers is a surprise to me.

So should we install the most recent service pack of v9 and wait for the upgrade to v10 until our Itanium servers have been replaced?

Thanks for your replies and insights. Have a nice weekend, Herman.