Fun with AE: A new UI

Discussion created by dwight_dick_automic on Jan 24, 2014
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I had some fun with the API and cobbled together a new UI for the Activities view. 


The motivation for the new UI is ease of use for the operations staff running large numbers of jobs. To do this the focus for the Activates display is on the job not the process flow. Yes this is how AM also works.

  • Parent name included with job
  • Displaying aborted jobs like the monitor view. The last abort of a job is only displayed. The abort will also only display if it is blocking
  • Fault Other aborts displayed and the ability to clear a Fault other from being displayed when the failure caused the job or process flow to not become active.
  • Pre-defined initial sort order for status. Errors, Warnings then Active with active Job Plans below Jobs. The individual status are then sorted by time

The screen shots below shows a large number of jobs running to compare the Rich Client to the new Activities view.



In the above screen shot you can clearly see the aborted jobs and the jobs waiting to be released. Below the Rich Client only shows the work flows that need to be looked at.


Below is an example showing a work flow that had a fault other causing it to not start. In the Rich Client you cannot display these conditions due to the fact that they cannot be cleared. Unfortunately the API has no method to change the status of a deactivated event.  The work around for this was to simply write a comment to say the event was cleared. When the UI see a fault other that has no parent it checks the comments to see if the fault was cleared.