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Performance comaprisons

Question asked by Sandeep_Yadav_764 on Jan 31, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2014 by matthew_tan_automic

Our current ETL process is scheduled through UNIX script and we are moving on to UC4 . I implemented some informatica workflows and it seems like they are taking longer than running through UNIX scripts. The issue is when UC4 agent fetches logs after running the informatica workflow

2014-01-24 11:39:32            Informatica job finished.Prepare to fetch log files.
2014-01-24 11:39:38            Command: ........../Informatica/PowerCenter9.1.0/server/bin/pmcmd gettaskdetails -d Domain_Dev -sv is_***_*** -uv  User_Name -pv Password -t 180 -f "XYZ"  -w wf_ABC_XYZ s_ABC_XYZ

So, informatica job finishes at same time through both schedules i.e. UNIX and UC4 but then UC4 fetches log files and that's where it's taking extra time. Can i switch off these logs fetching ?

PS : this may be just a silly question but i am totally naive to UC4 .