Unable to transfer file

Discussion created by Sridhar_Ramaiah_413 on Mar 6, 2014
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I am unable to transfer file using file transfer job. I get below error if i use wild card.

ERROR '            0' bytes, incorrect transfer of '            0' records for file '/interfaces/***/PRD/***/in/xxxxx.txt'->'/interfaces/***/adp/***/inbound/***.txt'. Duration  '00:00:00'.

if i use direct file name, i get below error:

U2003041 Invalid 'FT_WiteFF()' call, file name '/interfaces/***/adp/xxxx/inbound/***.txt'. Error code: ('13' - 'Permission denied')

Job was runing normally till last month.

I could see the file avilable in source path but still i could not transfer file.

Please advice.